Paul Hirschson is an Israeli diplomat currently posted back home in Jerusalem, Israel. When not walking on the beach Paul spends his time speaking on his cell phone and drinking coffee.

Born in London, Paul Hirschson grew up in South Africa. He holds Bachelor’s (accounting & law) and Master’s (business) degrees. After immigrating to Israel Paul served in the IDF then worked in the public sector, relocating to England for three years.

On his return to Israel, Paul entered Israel’s hi-tech sector developing business relations in the Middle East and later in Europe, Africa, Malaysia and elsewhere. Paul spent ten years in Israel’s hi-tech sector.

In 2004 Paul left the private sector and joined Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked for the Director General’s Bureau responsible for Israel’s relations with countries in the Persian Gulf until relocating to the USA in 2008.

In 2011 Paul completed his posting in the USA and returned home to Israel.

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WARNING: I’m not doing too much fact-checking here so perhaps take this blog as fiction if you prefer. The devil may be in the details, but God is in the big picture! And in the big picture I’ll bet these missives are spot on..


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