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Let’s start this thing with some context..

11 Jun

I first visited Kuwait in 1995 and have travelled and worked fairly extensively in the Arab world including living in the Persian Gulf for a few years. Before joining Israel’s Foreign Ministry I spent a decade in business in the hi-tech sector, doing business development for Israeli companies, first (although not exclusively) in the Arab world.

Before the Arab Spring there were “low-news days” every nine or ten months in Cairo. Perhaps merely to fill the newspapers on those days some of the most virulent anti-Israel cartoons would be published. Many, me included sometimes, would argue these cartoons were anti-Semitic.

On each occasion I would go to a coffee shop in Tel Aviv, where I live, with a collection of Israeli papers and read the Israeli responses. As one would expect it was always dismay and despair: What kind of a relationship was this? What kind of a peace was this? How terrible..

And I would make a little private toast to the Egyptian media! Almost every time these cartoons were printed using Israeli technology which I had sold them. It wasn’t as if they didn’t know. They always visited Israel before the purchase and sent technicians for training in Israel as part of the deal. This is how I financed my apartment in Tel Aviv.

To be fair, while the newspapers in Cairo were the biggest, with the most impressive in-house printing facilities, it wasn’t only Egypt. This was true across much of the printing industry in the Arab world. Over time I didn’t only work in the pre-press industry; other industries too.

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