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Natural Partners..

13 Jun

The only difference between the two dishes “mixed Jerusalem grill” and “mixed Persian grill”: Saffron!

Put aside administrations, governments, regimes for a moment. It’s interesting to look at the peoples of the Middle East and try identify who is most like me [me plural that is – Israel]: A cosmopolitan society, a pluralistic society, an entrepreneurial society, a society which places a great weight and emphasis on education, one which embraces and partakes in the arts & culture.

It strikes me that there is no populace more like the Israeli than the Iranians. (To my mind the Lebanese come in second, perhaps together with the Iraqis.) Ironic, isn’t it? Food for thought, for one day down the road when we want to assess who our most natural partners in the neighborhood are.

There is no example in history of a regime that hasn’t gone away. It has never happened. Never has, never will. One day Iranians will decide to again take responsibility for themselves. They may well set up shop in a fashion which authentically represents who they and their ancient civilization are.

I have a sneaking suspicion they will find a ready partner and friend in the Israelis..

Ps. Of course, there’s also Turkey. But for the past few decades no-one really regarded them as part of the Middle East but rather as somewhat Europe – because they have about 12 square kilometers in Europe (actually 23,764 sq.km. ~ 3% of its landmass). So let’s leave Turkey for another occasion..

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